Five Ways to Leverage Group Sales

When it comes to selling insurance, how do you go about prospecting? And don’t say you don’t have to because you have “plenty of business.” There will soon come a time when you don’t – and when need to have a plan. Among other things, gaining new clients is a numbers game. The more people who hear about your plan and services at one time, the higher the chance you’ll get at least one new client out of the deal, if not more.

This can be done in a number of different ways, keeping in mind the strategy is the same every time: Get as many people together as possible to hear your insurance needs presentation at one time. Here are five ideas for gathering large groups of people and pitching your services to them.

In-House Presentations

What better way to leverage group sales than to get a large group of people together in an office and pitch to all of them at the same time? Do some networking with companies that may have interest in your business and ask if you can provide an in-house, companywide presentation. Most people feel more comfortable doing business with someone they’ve met face-to-face and not just found on an Internet ad. In-person presentations allow you to showcase your expertise in your field and will allow the group to ask you questions, which gives you even more of an opportunity to strut your professional stuff. They’ll build trust in you and will (hopefully) be calling you shortly after the presentation is over to sign up or learn more. Don’t forget to pass out your business card with contact information and your business website so they know how to reach you.

Lunch Outings

Become even more personable with potential clients by taking several people from an organization out to lunch. There’s something about good food, a great atmosphere and the intimacy of sitting at a table together that makes people feel more comfortable and laidback than sitting in a boardroom enduring a PowerPoint presentation. You can still discuss work objectives and offer your elevator pitch but try to make the lunch outing more of a get-to-know-you session. Bring your marketing materials to pass out afterward. This puts you on a more personal level with potential clients, and they’ll remember you as “that nice guy, Chad, who bought my lunch,” rather than “that insurance agent who was trying to sell us his business in that long meeting.”

Charity Events

Organizing or participating in a charity event is another great way to generate leads while also doing something nice for the community. This could be anything from a blood drive, a walkathon or even a golf tournament. Organizing a charity event not only appeals to potential clients because you’re giving back to the community and doing good deeds, but also creates a great opportunity to hand out marketing materials, brochures and business cards to participants. You can set up a booth for a less aggressive approach, or you can hand out materials as people leave the event, making sure they know that your company is that one that organized or sponsored the shindig.

Google Hangouts and Webinars

Successful insurance agents use Google+ and the many opportunities the website offers for group interaction and discussion. One of the features of Google+ is the Google+ Hangouts On Air, which is a free service. Using your contact list, create a group hangout on Google+ and invite people to join the discussion. You can set the date and time, write a description of the seminar and even change the audience setting to “Public” so the invitees can invite others who may be interested.

Use this seminar as an opportunity to build your brand and to offer any promotions you may have going on for new business. You can create a video of your presentation or a slideshow for your audience to follow along while you speak live. Using the “Q&A” app allows you to be front-and-center for questions and concerns that potential clients may have and will further showcase your knowledge of the insurance field. You can also download the “Showcase” app to send participants links to your website and other helpful resources to go along with your presentation.

Once the webinar is over, you can share it with those who could not attend or use it on your company’s website by uploading the webinar recording onto YouTube and embedding it on your site. Don’t forget to share the webinar video on your company’s other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn Groups

According to a HubSpot study, which focused on lead generation on social media websites, LinkedIn “generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74 percent...almost three times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.” One way to utilize LinkedIn groups is to simply join different groups within your industry and stay involved in the conversation. Position yourself as an expert on the subject by posting content that you find informative and helpful as well as sharing content you create, such as blog posts or even that Google+ webinar we just discussed.

Another way to use LinkedIn groups is to create your own group. Handpick specific people from your connections list, people with whom you hope to start a business relationship and who would have similar interests in your services. “Introduce” these individuals and create your own target audience. Again, position yourself as a thought leader and post content that you’ve created yourself, which includes blog posts, articles and webinars. In your own group, you can keep them up-to-date on any promotions you might be offering for new clients and encourage the members to share that with their contacts.

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