3 Reasons Referrals from Colleagues are Important

Talk about referrals from customers is fairly common right now, but what about other businesspeople? Their opinions and recommendations are pretty important, too. Here's why:

Customers listen to businesspeople they trust. If someone has a mechanic they like, they might ask him/her for a good place to buy a car stereo. The same goes for other industries. If someone has a life insurance agent he or she really likes, that person might turn to that agent to ask for help finding car insurance or health care coverage.

You'll gain respect among your peers. Being well thought of within your own business community can only bring benefits to your agency. Your competitors will obviously still want to get to customers before you do, but at least there will be a mutual respect between you. Plus, gaining respect among other agents can help you get an influential spot on a local board or within a trade group.

Word gets around. If you become known as an “agent's agent” other people will look to you as someone who does things the right way.

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