Increase conversion rates with Leads360 sales calculator

Selling insurance is undeniably a numbers game, with many insurance agents asking, “How many leads should I give my producers to maximize their output or productivity, or should I hire more producers to handle the volume of leads I am generating?”  A recent calculator released by Leads360 is an invaluable new tool for insurance owners or managers, offering the right formula to maximize outcomes for each producer.  With this calculator you will be well on your way to fully capitalizing on every new lead.

The calculator is based on a recent Leads360 study, “Guide to: Optimizing Your Leads-to-Rep Ratio,providing guidance on maximizing outcomes by determining the optimal number of leads to assign to each producer to put them in their peak performance zone.  As a companion to this research, Leads360 created an easily personalized calculator to help insurance owners or managers find the right balance of leads to producer.

Leads360’s calculator provides a customized lead assignment recommendation per producer, per day based on an insurance agencies unique operational and financial metrics. With this tool, insurance owners and managers can find the right leads-to-rep ratio based on their unique set of variables, which include:

  1. Lifetime Value
  2. Cost per Lead
  3. Direct Cost of Rep/Day
  4. Commission/Sale
  5. Overhead Sales Costs

By providing these inputs, the calculator will output your optimal leads-to-rep ratio. Organizations interested in learning how top sales organizations optimize their producer performance can download the full Leads360 report, Guide to Optimizing Your Leads-to-Rep Ratio.

Leads360’s new calculator provides a lead assignment recommendation per producer, per day in order to boost revenue and profits

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