Debunking Insurance Agent Myths

Insurance really is a friendly industry

Some myths are funny, like the allegedly fatal consequences of mixing Pop Rocks and soda. Others are inspiring, such as the belief that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow and a silver lining within every storm cloud. Still others can be downright damaging, especially if they hold you back in your career.

Myths about the insurance industry fall into that last category.

As an agent, you have probably encountered clients whose misconceptions about the industry get in the way of your efforts to build a relationship and provide them with the service they need. You may also know someone who’s interested in an insurance career but hesitates because he or she has heard too many negative stereotypes about the industry.

The myth that insurance is not a people-friendly industry is bad news for everyone. It hinders agents who are trying to provide outstanding customer service. It may deter some clients from seeking the protection their family needs, and would-be agents may miss out on a great career because they think it’s not people-oriented enough.

You may find yourself debunking this myth repeatedly throughout your insurance career. Fortunately, you can do a lot to convince clients, new agents and even yourself that insurance really is an industry that takes care of people – both those who work in it and those they work for.

Convincing clients

The best way to convince clients that the insurance industry is really people-friendly is to provide them with consistently exceptional service. Your patience in listening to clients’ needs, helping them identify their objectives, research products that will help them meet their goals, answer their questions about those products, and help them monitor their progress toward their goals will go a long way toward rewriting their perceptions of the insurance industry.

Convince clients using 7 Habits of Effective Insurance Agents

Creating career interest

Quality agents elevate the industry as a whole. Attracting those quality agents to your practice can help you build your business and better serve your customers. Work with new agents to emphasize the advantages of an insurance industry career, including flexible work hours, a family-friendly work environment, competitive benefits, and even a casual dress code.

Curing complications for clients

Your clients may understand the importance of having insurance, but not the lingo that comes with it. The misconception that insurance is just too complicated is a common one. Demystifying industry terms for your clients can go a long way toward helping them make informed decisions that they can be comfortable about over the long term. Creating handouts that explain common insurance industry terms, or that provide a checklist of questions to ask when buying coverage can help ease your customers along on their insurance-buying journey.

Help your clients understand the terminology: Check out this Insurance Glossary from InsureMe

Finally, celebrate your successes and share news of your good works within your professional circle. Your example of a dedicated, friendly agent may inspire others to pursue an insurance career, and change misconceptions about the industry and those who work in it.

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