3 Ways to Find Insurance Leads for Agents

In the current economy, competition for new customers is fiercer than ever. Gone are the days when you could just move into a neighborhood, put up a sign and expect that people would come to you. Nowadays, many insurance agents have started mining for customers in places they never did before.

Think of your insurance lead pipeline as an investment strategy and "diversify" your holdings. Using a good mix from several sources will keep your phones ringing.

Not sure what those places could be? Here’s the 4-1-1 on some of the best ways to find insurance leads.

  1. Subscribe to an online insurance lead service.
    It wasn’t so long ago that the best way to find leads was to subscribe to a service that would sell you the names and numbers of people who had expressed interest in insurance before, or those who lived in a certain ZIP code. Then, you could follow up with them and see whether they were interested in your particular service. Nowadays, more than 200 million phone numbers appear on the Do Not Call registry, with stiff penalties for businesses that don’t comply.

    Thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to sign up with an online lead generation service (such as NetQuote, InsureMe, or AgentInsider) that will effectively do the prospecting on your behalf. Instead of providing you with information about prospects who are cold leads at best, the service will provide you with the names, numbers and email addresses of people who are actively searching for insurance and have submitted online requests for information or quotes. In essence, the insurance leads are now coming to you.

    NetQuote, InsureMe, and AgentInsider are three of the top providers of lead generation services, allowing potential customers to request quotes for several types of insurance, including auto, home, health, life, long-term care and business. With these services, you can choose how many leads you want to receive – as well as the timing and ZIP codes for these leads along with other filters – to zero in on the types of customers you’re seeking.

  2. Get connected on LinkedIn.
    In recent years, LinkedIn has become the No. 1 way for businesspeople to stay connected with customers and colleagues from the past and present. It’s also a place you should be mining regularly for potential customers. Not only is everyone in your network a prospect, so are the people they’re linked to.

    A good way to take advantage of your LinkedIn connections is to regularly showcase your expertise by posting updates related to your industry and your business. All of your connections will see these updates; if your connections know of people needing insurance, they may send them your way.

    Another great way to take advantage of your LinkedIn account is to join industry and consumer groups. These groups typically feature discussions that give you opportunities to share your knowledge and thoughts. Oftentimes, if someone likes what you have to say, he or she will connect with you on the site – and may ultimately turn into an insurance lead.

  3. Join Pinterest.
    These days, a growing number of companies leverage Pinterest as a platform to reach a new audience, draw visitors to their websites and generate sales leads. In case you haven’t heard much about it yet, Pinterest is a social network that lets users share and discover new interests “pinning” images or videos to your account. Though this will not provide the direct insurance leads that you may be looking for, the residual value of using Pinterest and other social networking sites is extremely valuable. Put yourself in the consumers shoes and search for your agency or business. Social media sites have become a true force in the SEO world.

    Brands with compelling collections or “boards” drive traffic to their own sites. Images of happy, healthy families and nicely manicured neighborhoods, for example, can help driving traffic to insurance websites.

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