12 Common Objections #11: “I Need To Talk To Someone”

Occasionally customers will tell you that before they can make decisions about big investments like an insurance policy, they need to consult their husband/wife, attorney, financial advisor, other family members or someone else.

So let them. But try to get the consultation to happen in your office. For instance, if the person wants to talk to his or her spouse, see if you can get both of them in your office at the same time or on a conference call. Same goes for advisers. Tell the customer to bring that person into the office or to give you a call so you can go over everything together.

Once you get the group together, review the policy with them and try to set up a follow- up conference call later.

The key to this objection is to always try to get all the parties involved into a meeting. Keep in mind, you are walk ing in front the firing squad here and they are going to grill you on every aspect of the policy. So you need to know you answers inside and out and you absolutely must tell the truth. Stick to the facts.

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