Putting Urgency and Creativity in Your Message

Message urgency for customers“You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is a common phrase that basically means it is easier to get what you want by flattering people and being polite to them than by making demands.

This is especially true in sales. Pressuring people into into purchasing anything will not get the desired results or referrals. Instead, using a little pressure to prevent insurance contacts from procrastinating can work to your advantage. A good way to do this is through creative storytelling and helping them make the connection to why they need your services.

If you are selling homeowners or renter’s insurance policies, for example, it would be a good idea to post stories on your website and create marketing materials sharing accounts of what can go wrong if someone doesn’t have insurance coverage. Based on your personal experiences, here are some typical stories you might be able to share.

The Hard Insurance Story

  • Last summer a customer had told you the check was in the mail for the homeowner’s policy you had sold him the week before, and you took his word for it. Then a week later, a tornado struck and blew off his roof. When he called your office to file a claim, you had to tell him he was out of luck because the check had not arrived yet.

  • Or how about the story about the woman who had failed to renew her automotive insurance policy on time? She was driving to work one morning in a snowstorm when all of a sudden she hit a patch of ice and slid off the road. She ended up stuck in the median and needed a tow-truck. She called your office to request a tow and you had to deny her request because she no longer had coverage. Her policy had expired two months ago. When she urgently asked what it would cost to reinstate it, you had to quote her a rate that was twice her old policy because she did not have continuous coverage.

The Soft Insurance Sales Pitch

While sharing experiences like these about what can go wrong if you don’t have coverage will get a lot of attention, there are also other less shocking tactics you can use to create urgency without sounding pushy.

  • Offer discounts that are available for a limited time only. You can post them on your website, send out marketing emails or send out postcard fliers advertising the deal. Be sure to make the end-date for the deal quite apparent. It may also be a good idea to put in writing how the rates will increase after the expiration date.

    Social media lends itself well to this type of offer since the nature of social media alone is quick and limited. Be sure to adhere to the respective social platforms guidelines for offers and get posting.

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  • Along these same lines, send out simple reminders about how many spots or time is left for a deal. Some good words to use in your communication may be, “First 10 people to call,” “While supplies last,” “Space is limited,” ”Call to see if you qualify,” “25 percent off this week only,” “Call for a special offer,” “Last chance,” and ”Rates as low as ...”.

  • In addition to offering discounts, announce that you can only accommodate a limited number of applicants. This will definitely create urgency. People don't want to feel like they missed out on something big, so try to pair this with one of the above offers.

  • Improve the language of calls to action on your website and make links more prominent. Phrases that do a good job of inspiring action include “Available for 5 days only,” “Click here to subscribe,” “Join our affiliates group,” “Add to your shopping cart” and “Order now to take advantage of this limited-time offer”, "Send us a note", "See how much you can save", "Save Now", etc...

When having a conversation with a prospect, you’ll also want to account for the demographic you are selling to and what their immediate needs may be. For example, if you talk to a new father, it would be a good idea to bring up life insurance. If you find out the caller recently took over the job of CEO at his company, you should ask if he has liability insurance, and if not, offer a quote for a policy.

The bottom line is that whatever you do, you should make it easy. If there is a sense of urgency but the application process is complex then it’s counterproductive. A simple solution can be to create easy call back features or forms just to get a prospect’s attention, then reach out to close the deal. Additionally, contact forms and product/offer specific pages that support a need for quick action are good things to send out.

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