insuranceQuotes Introduces New Agent Portal

As part of a long-awaited re-branding and platform optimization effort, insuranceQuotes has recently unveiled a new customer gateway that greatly streamlines account management and productivity while offering insurance agents the most self-generated leads in the industry. This new, feature rich platform was built from the feedback of thousands of agents and many months of testing to achieve a robust system designed to help agents thrive in this rapidly changing digital environment.

The insuranceQuotes lead service is designed with today's modern insurance agent in mind, and includes a suite of innovative tools for agents managing business inside the office or on the go to help achieve maximum success. 

Features of the new insuranceQuotes platform include:

  • Smartest insurance lead source for modern agents
  • The most self-generated leads in the industry
  • Access to the the only smart app for agents on the go
  • Created from over 70 years of industry expertise
  • Performance-based pricing to align our success with yours
  • Easy, flexible account management

Introducing iQ Score

We recognize that not all leads are created equal.  Having analyzed over 20 million leads over the past couple of years with our machine learning technology, we have reached a point where we are able to better predict the ‘value’ of a lead.  When a lead hits our system, we are able to immediately assess and score that lead accordingly. IQ Score uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the projected policy value and propensity to purchase of each consumer lead. We analyze it based on a large variety of factors such as its source, the amount of time a consumer spent filling out the form, the completeness of their answers, their propensity to purchase, the potential to cross sell the consumer with other policy types, and many other factors. Leads with higher IQ scores are our highest-value consumers and should be prioritized by our agents.

How the New iQ Score Works

  • iQ Score of less than 800 - we don’t send these leads at all.  They are filtered out as they don’t meet our minimum quality criteria - and that can be up to 40% of all leads that we receive.

Following this minimum quality threshold, there are three further quality tiers

  • iQ Score of 800-1,000
  • iQ Score of 1,001 to 1,200
  • iQ Score of 1,200+

The pricing of leads varies depending on which of these three tiers it falls into – naturally, agents will pay least for leads in the 800-1,000 range, and a premium for leads in the 1,200+ tier.  Not only is this a fairer system from a pricing perspective (as your price reflects the value of the lead you receive), it also means that when you see the iQ Score of a lead in your inbox or in your insuranceQuotes Gateway you can prioritize working the higher value leads.

"Smarter" Insurance Lead Management

We recognize that being permanently attached to a desktop computer or even to a laptop is impractical in today's business world, so we created the iQ Agents app to provide agents the boost needed to remain competitive in today's market place. 'iQ Agents' is the ultimate FREE companion app for insuranceQuotes accounts to help ensure that agents on our network can be every bit as productive on the go they can be in the office.

Features of the New iQ Agents App:

  • Search, filter and view all leads delivered to your account in the last 90 days
  • Easy one step ‘click to call’ or ‘click to email’ functionality
  • Manage and edit major account settings like account status and daily caps
  • View account balance, transaction history and statements
  • Request credits
  • Access agent resources, industry articles, advice and tips

Benefits Include:

  • FREE productivity enhancement tool
  • Manage your leads on the go, wherever you are
  • Receive push notifications the second a lead hits your account and respond instantly
  • Respond faster than your competitors and increase your contact rate
  • Have lead details at your fingertips

insuranceQuotes account holders can find the iQ Agents App in the Apple Store or on Google Play for Android devices


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