Lead Generation Tips for Small Agencies

Small agencies may not have the budget of large agencies, but there are inexpensive yet effective ways to generate leads. These include using social media, blogging and limited online advertising on special events. In this article, we’ll take a look at the tactics you should consider to reach get leads and sales from clever marketing.

  • Search Advertising

    There is no question about it, search advertising is big. The majority of Internet users use Google, Yahoo and Bing to look for information online. There are massive opportunities to develop a “pull” advertising strategy that will bring leads to your doorstep through search marketing. Consider using Google AdWords and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach your goals.

  • Limited Online Advertising

    If you have a special event, consider using online advertising. This can come in the form of display ads on popular websites or social media sites or a web blast through email marketing. Online advertising lets you acquire quality leads that are important as an insurance agent.

  • Establish a Referral System

    Develop and offer incentives to both employees and current clients who refer new business to you. This is one of the “secret” agent tips that can boost your sales significantly. Provide referrers with an attractive bonus, such as a cash bonus to an employee or a discount to a client, because this helps ensure that they’ll pass along more leads to you in the future.

  • Focus on Local

    Don’t underestimate the local market. People tend to trust agents and companies who are from their immediate vicinity and who have an office within driving distance. By doing local promotions, you can increase brand awareness, and people will trust you more.

Follow Through on New Leads

The job doesn’t stop with promotions, though. After the leads start coming in, the next step involves effectively handling those new sales leads. Losing leads costs money. Generally, the reason why “warm” leads become “cold” leads is that companies don’t respond to inquiries quickly enough. It may also be that you didn’t stay in touch and follow up after the initial contact. Whatever the case may be, having a lead management system may be the solution.
Lead management systems are highly beneficial for small agencies. It allows them to keep track of the number of prospective customers they have and monitor the progress of each.

Here are some reasons why you should have a lead management system in place:

  1. Half of customers buy from the company that responds first.

    Leads can contact your company for a variety of reasons. It can be to ask about a new product, to get a quote or to schedule an appointment. In a lot of cases, these calls are left unanswered and simply go to voicemail. If this happens in your company, it is important to follow up as soon as possible. Lead management systems can give you notifications through email or text whenever you miss a phone call.

  2. About 75 percent of new leads don’t hear back.

    A lot of small agencies miss out on new opportunities simply because they don’t have the resources to track everything. Missing out on three-quarters of new leads is a huge chunk of business to forego. If you are still using Post-It Notes, it’s time to upgrade to a better system. Having a standard process for capturing and storing data can provide a variety of advantages. The central database acts as a CRM (customer relationship management) system that notifies employees to call the leads.

  3. Half of new leads will buy in the future.

    Most new leads are not yet ready to make a purchase. They might simply be inquiring about the price or the features of the product. Be patient because these leads are still going through the sales cycle. The lead management system stores their data so that you can simply pull their details when you do eventually get a call back.

Being a Small Insurance Agency Doesn’t Mean Missing Out

Small agencies shouldn’t miss out on the opportunities that innovative marketing tactics provide. These techniques are generally affordable and may be more in reach than you even realize. It simply takes a bit of time to implement the campaign effectively. At the end of the day though, investing in lead generation will pay dividends for the business.

It is also essential to use a lead management system that would allow the details of new prospects to be tracked and stored for later retrieval. Each lead is valuable. Having this system gives small agencies the same advantages as their larger counterparts.

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