Insurance marketing: The successful close

Updating your insurance marketing practices, the ways to promote your agency, buying leads, the process of getting to know your customer as a person, dealing with objections--these are all steps toward your ultimate goal of closing sales and making your agency profitable. That's one thing that hasn't changed one bit.

The process of selling insurance to a customer isn't a game or a competition--those are important moments in people's lives--and you shouldn't treat it as one. However, there are some techniques and strategies that can help you close a little more easily and get the customer to move forward with buying a policy that will ultimately help him or her secure a solid financial future.

Some of the basics--completely knowing the ins and outs of what you're selling, making sure you avoid jargon and industry talk, establishing a relationship with your customer, focusing on the broad benefits rather than the minor details, and being highly enthusiastic about your product.

But there are additional techniques you can use to help things move along in addition to those initial basics.

We've all heard the cliché that states what happens when you assume. Let's just say it's generally thought of as a mistake.

But there's actually something to be gained from the assumption that your client will consent to buying the policy you offer to him or her. You're offering what you know to be a great product.

So it should be relatively safe to assume that the customer would want it unless he or she says otherwise or expresses skepticism.

You might close your discussion with the client by starting to fill out some paperwork. If the client doesn't stop you, the sale is made.

The worst that can happen is the conversation continues for a little while until the client is more comfortable. It's pretty unlikely that client is going to get up in arms over you just starting to fill out some papers.

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