Three General Tips for Dealing With Objections

Objections will definitely come up when you're talking to clients, but there are some general ways you can fend them off or avoid them completely:

Create a sense of trust between you and your clients. Listen to what they have to say, be open about the pluses and minuses of the policies you offer and try to relate to them. Maybe you could share a story your personal experience or another client who was in a similar situation. It also really helps to take notes on everything they tell you so you can be aware of their families and their needs the next time you talk.

Be sure not to wag your finger at your clients. Lecturing someone that he or she is wrong to buy a cheaper policy with fewer features doesn't seem helpful; it comes off as insulting.

Give them a chance to explain why they're raising the objection. For instance, respond to someone who says, “I can't afford it,” by simply rephrasing his or her statement as a question. Then give the client a chance to talk it out.

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