Insurance leads: 3 tips for asking for customer referrals

Break the barrier.

In prospecting for insurance leads, it can be tough to ask for a referral, especially if you're a person who worries a lot that saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can kill a sale. But if you don't ask, you'll be wasting an opportunity. The key is knowing when to ask and who to ask.

Pick your best customers to ask for referrals.

Not everyone is going to be a prime candidate for referrals. Someone who is shy, not very well-spoken, who often complains about various things in his / her policy or who is seemingly skeptical about the insurance industry itself probably isn't the best choice for a referrer.

So who is a good choice?

Someone who clearly appreciates the product you sell and the service you give. Someone who understands the product and can speak well about it. Someone who has experienced what the benefits of the product are.

And, frankly, it helps if he or she is someone with a lot of friends, family members or co-workers to talk to as prospective insurance customers.

Think about your top 20%. The people you serve who are most in- tune with your business and who really get it. Those are the ones you're really going to want to recruit. But even then, you may need to give them some incentive to help you out.

Make it easier.

Print up a pre-written referral letter that a client could hand to a friend, a family member or a co-worker. Or provide the client with an email template. Or at least give some recommendations for what to say.

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