The Importance of Online Referrals

   You may have noticed that more and more businesspeople are touting what customers and others are saying about them online — on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo! Local and other sites. One thing you can do to be aware of what people are saying about your agency is to set up a Google Alert, which sends a daily e-mail to your inbox listing all the mentions of you online in a given day, based on a Google search. Keeping up with online comments gives you a good idea of what customers think about you and your agency, as well as what you could be doing better.

   It's a good idea to direct your customers, especially those who you interact with via social networking sites, to leave feedback on those sites and others. That way, when someone searches for the type of insurance you sell on Google, not only will you be one of the top results, you'll also be one of the highest-rated. People put a lot of stock in those ratings.

   Yelp and other sites offer stickers and flyers that give you the chance to promote what people are saying about you online. A sticker in your window can do a lot to direct customers and potential customers to the good things people are saying about you online.

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