Cross Selling Generates Large Revenues

Cross selling is selling multiple types of insurance polices that your agency offers to the same customer. As an insurance agent, you have already connected with a client, proven your knowledge of their insurance needs is clear and that your main purpose to to provide them with the protection they need in case of accidents and damage that can be caused to their health, car and home. Offering your client multiple coverage not only deepens your relationship but offers you client a one stop shop for the coverage they need with someone they trust.

Cross selling is a very easy way to grow your agency. The hardest part of selling insurance policies is getting a client to choose your products for their needs. There are so many options for customers to seek coverage and they chose you. You now have the opportunity to offer more of your products that they already trust to provide them protection for other things. Statistics show that if a client has more than one policy with an agency they are less likely to change agents and will stay loyal customers.

Cross selling is all about knowing who to sell to and when. If you keep good tract of your clients you will know them very well and be able to offer them appropriate coverage at appropriate times. For example, if one of your auto insurance clients is buying their first home, there is your opportunity to supply them with homeowners insurance information to protect their new home. Cross selling is an important part of growing your business. As you build you product line and develop strong relationships with your clients, you are able to meet their needs before they may even realize it which deepens your relationships.

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