Try Switching Places With the Client

Say you're talking to a client, trying to close a sale. Your arguments don't seem to be getting through. The client seems distracted or maybe like he or she doesn't understand what you're talking about. What to do?

Ask the client to take your place for just a second. If he or she was trying to convince you to try to buy a product he or she really believed in, what would they say? What would he or she change about the product? What questions would the client ask? This is a way to get the client to tell you what's stopping him or her from moving forward with buying the policy.

Conversely, you could tell the client a story about a time you were in a similar situation where someone was trying to sell you something and you weren't comfortable or didn't get it. Relate to him or her. Let the client know that you know what it's like to be a customer. That might ease the tension.

Category: Sales Tips

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