“Appreciation” Step 1 for closing like a pro

Have you ever wondered what the best way to conduct a successful close is? We were lucky enough to interview an agent who ranked among the top 20 agents for a Fortune 100 insurance company nationwide, and in the top 5 for his region. With more than 2500 of his own clients, he has definitely earned the title of a pro closer. Wouldn't it be great to learn from one of the industry's best?

Step 1: Let Them Know You Appreciate Them
If you want to consistently close, your potential clients must feel like they are No. 1 in your book. To accomplish this, follow these simple steps to help your customers feel important.

• It's important to build trust in the initial telephone call. Get to know your customers before you try to sell them.

• Make sure the final package you put together is actually what the client needs. If customers feel like all you're doing is selling them a generic policy, they will turn away quickly.

• Ensure the environment is quiet and that there aren't distractions that will interfere with your ability to close the sale. You'll never be able to close a sale on a person whose full attention you don't have.

• Make sure your customer knows that you understand their needs and would never sell them something they don't need.

Its easy to stray away from these simple steps but they are the fundamentals. The importance of having an agent can be hard to illustrate for some consumers but your personality and willingness to work for their best interest will always result in more sales.

This is the first post in a series of 6, check back tomorrow for more tips on closing like a pro, and download our PDF whitepaper “Expert tips: closing like a pro” for more helpful information on working internet leads.

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