How Not to React to Objections

Like it or not, it's inevitable, no matter how hard you try, customers will raise objections to the policy you're trying to sell them or how you present it to them. It's up to you to decide how you're going to react to those objections.

Will it be with a smile and a polite answer or by getting defensive?

It's important you never act negatively to an objection. You may have heard the exact same objection 100 times before and know that nearly every time the consumer doesn't buy a policy. You are dragging in your past negative experiences and ruining the sale. You need to maintain your level of confidence and stay positive going into each and every objection.

Never start using “but” statements like, “but this is such a great policy” or “but you're getting such a good deal.” or “But, that company is awful.”

Never trash-talk the competition, especially if you are referring to their current insurance company. In essence, you are saying they are dumb for choosing that company and that will not go over well with them, to say the least.

It also comes across as highly unprofessional to say disparaging remarks about another agent or another insurance company.

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