Make Your Pitch Understandable

The easiest way to confuse and scare away customers is by using unnecessary, hard-to-understand jargon when you could simply present things in straightforward terms.

Think about what you're saying from a customer's point of view. What does he or she want explained? How this policy will help the client in his or her day-to-day life and in the long term? Or lots of insider industry talk?

If you talk about what you're selling from the customer’s perspective -- with layman's terminology and common-sense reasoning -- you will quickly see the customer begin to gain trust. The client will know that you understand his or her needs. He or she will feel comfortable that your interest is the customer's well-being, not just your sale.

You can also use this opportunity to build a better working relationship with your customer. If you ask good, insightful questions about the customer's specific circumstances and take the time to really listen to his or her answers, you can show that you're an agent who really cares, not some stereotypical salesperson just out to make a buck.

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