Another Reason a Lead Management System Is a Good Idea

Automated Follow-ups

As soon as a lead gets fed into your lead management system, many systems have the ability to immediately send an e-mail to a client thanking them for their interest. That gets your foot in the door and makes the client aware of who you are and that you plan to give him or her a call.

Of course, you'll have to make your own call -- and soon -- but the software can make that first step.

After you make contact with clients, your lead management system can keep up with what you've done. After a set amount of time, it can remind you to follow up with those clients you spoke to recently so that nobody gets lost in the process.

Any client you fail to follow up with is almost certainly a lost sale. In fact, studies show that companies who regularly and thoroughly follow up with potential clients have closing rates three times higher than those who do not. Many systems can even send their own follow-up e-mails that provide clients with new and useful information. A dialer system can help you manage your follow-up calls as well.

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