6 proven lead dialing and contact strategies

The basis for a successful internet lead campaign is your dialing strategy.

1. Contact the consumer immediately

Don't wait even 10 minutes to contact them; you need to call them as soon as the lead arrives. Dont put together a quote, dont google their name, dont do anything besides call. If you have a “prep” phase before you call a lead then someone else is calling them and finding out from the consumer what they would actually want or need in a policy. If the contact info provided is incorrect they also saved themselves the time and hassle of “prepping” for the call. If you are the second or third agent to contact them, don't give up. Instead, put your best product forward and show them why you should be their choice

2. Utilize all of your sales experience

Sometimes you'll get a lead that doesn't reply right away. Don't be too hasty to give up. You should make sure to utilize all the contacts you've been given--email, telephone, voicemail, etc. You can even mail a letter. Be courteous in all of your approaches, and don't give up too soon. All of your usual marketing and sales strategies should be applied to this person in the same way, don’t cut corners thinking that because they filled out the application the deal is almost sealed. And If they choose another agent, try to determine why they didn't buy the policy and look for any holes in your approach.

3.  Seta callback one week later

For any lead that came in during business hours be sure you are calling at that exact same time the following week. This is when they had the time to fill it out, and rarely do people have that drastic of a change in schedule that they wouldn’t be available again at this time.

4. Take their schedule into account

If a lead comes in overnight you are probably dealing with someone who works a 2nd or 3rd shift job, take this limited info you have and make it work for you and not against you. Someone who gets off work at midnight doesn’t want to be called at 9:00am and probably wont be answering the phone ever again from a strange number that woke them up! Think about having a person who works a floating schedule or rotate people in your office to stay past 6:00pm and make those crucial evening follow up calls.

5. Dont let time deter you from following up

Many agents are getting a percentage of their leads closed by calling at the thirty day mark, after things have cooled off the consumer will be willing to talk more and feel relieved to find an agent still concerned with their insurance decision. If you talk to a lead who seems uninterested the first time around, find a good reason to call them back! Tell them about a promotion or change that would benefit them, re-examine their needs and provide a new quote. Always add more to the conversation every time you follow up, dont call to “check in”.

6. Take as many notes a possible

Keep track of what the process was like when you do close a lead, focus on replicating and constantly changing your strategies based upon what is actually happening with your lead strategy. Isolate key strategies or ideas that are working in your favor!

Discouragement is one of the biggest reasons for a lead system not working out, if you are giving up because someone didn’t answer or because they aren’t sure about changing their policy you are missing out. It can take time to nurture a lead into a sale but staying on top of your prospects and consistently showing the value of your agency will ultimately lead to more sales and a larger book of business!

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