Insurance Leads: Leads are people

Leads have been a part of insurance sales for decades now, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about what exactly they are.

People tend to think of insurance leads as a card or an email with contact information. An email address to send a form letter to, or a phone number to call with a scripted message.

Salespeople often treat leads as data, something to be used to boost a bottom line and plug into a database.

And while leads can do a lot for your bottom line, to view them as something you can simply plug into a system and expect a sale to spit out is an unrealistic and unproductive perspective.

People are complicated. Everyone--each name, phone number and email address you get--has his or her own needs, own specific situation and particular questions about what the insurance you're selling can do for his or her life.

Insurance leads are not going to be automatic moneymakers. They take work and cultivation because people have to be convinced that choosing you is the right decision for them.

To you, they may just be another prospect for another sale, but for them, deciding on which insurance to buy and which coverage to get is a very important and daunting choice. They have to be convinced and that takes some work.

Think of each lead like a seed and of yourself as a gardener. Just as it takes time and consistent effort to grow a bountiful harvest, developing a loyal customer base is not an overnight proposition.

Work hard to cultivate your insurance leads into satisfied customers and you should get a big return.

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