Referrals Provide Stability and Growth to Agencies

Insurance referrals are an important tool that allows agents to be successful. Some feel asking for a referral is a little scary because you don't want to come off as aggressive or offensive to your customer but its very rare that a customer will become upset by this and the outcome is generally a positive one. An important task as an insurance agent is to express your gratitude to your customers and be a constant reminder that you are there to help them. When your customers can feel and see the benefits of your services they are much more inclined to recommend you to their family and friends.

Whether you are speaking to your customer on the phone or face-to-face, you must always be sure to know whether it is appropriate to mention a referral. Based on your customer's behavior, you should match your conversation to them. If your customer sounds rushed, it's probably not the best time to ask for a referral. However a customer that is more relaxed and personable would be easier to approach about knowing others who may also benefit from your services. You should never risk asking for a referral with the possibility of losing a customer. Do not practice new techniques for referrals on your high profiled clients and when sending out referral cards, make your letters customized to each client. Mass messages have the tendency to sound impersonal and aggressive. Make referral letters personable and friendly.

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