Gauging the Client to Ask For Referrals

Not every client is going to be one you'll want to ask for a referral. Only your best customers -- the top 10 percent or so -- are going to be the ones you'll trust enough and who will trust you enough that you can create the type of relationship that you can comfortably request a recommendation.

How can you know which clients will work?

Ask the client how he or she thinks you're doing when it comes to his or her needs. If the client answers enthusiastically, that person is likely a good candidate for referrals. Get an idea of the person's communication style -- would he or she be more comfortable giving out a brochure or just conversing? -- and ask what he or she might think about asking others if they're interested getting the same great product and service.

If the client answers negatively or declines to answer, hold off. Come back to the topic later, after he or she has had some time to become more familiar with your agency and what you have to offer, and can feel more comfortable as an advocate for your agency.

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