Four Tips for Effective Voicemail Messages

Sometimes when you call a customer, you’re going to get the thing many callers dread: Voicemail. But if you follow these tips and leave a clean, short, effective message, you’ll make a good impression.

Don't hang up. When you hear the call go to the customer's voicemail, don't just hang up. Leave a message that includes your name, agency, and the reason for your call.

Grab their interest. Give them a reason to return your call. Customers are more likely to call back if you say you can help them use insurance to protect their financial security and livelihoods, rather than “I sell insurance, please call me back.”

Say your phone number twice. Giving your number slowly at the beginning and end of the voicemail helps compel the customer to call you back.

Don't give the quote in the message. Unless you are sure the quote is very low and competitive, do not include it in the message. It reduces your sale to a price tag, without telling the customer the features of the product.

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