Insurance marketing: The benefits of in-person presentations

Chances are your insurance marketing efforts are most successful when they take place through in-person, face-to-face meetings where you can really get to know your customers and give them a chance to get to know you as well.

It's not always possible to meet customers in person for all your discussions, but it's a good idea to meet face-to-face when you can, because it's amazing how much more you and your customer can gain from being in the same room and talking to one another.

Many of the communication techniques for using the phone--proving you're an expert, starting the conversation strong, ending on a good note--work just as well in person. But the advantage of the in-person meeting that you don't get over the phone or by email is the ability to reads the customer's body language.

Nearly three-fourths of all communication is non-verbal. So if you can learn signs to look for in a customer's body language, you can get a good idea about how he or she feels about your product and how you're presenting it, even if he or she isn't saying very much or--more likely--is saying things he or she doesn't mean just to bring the discussion to a conflict-free close.

Odds are you've made that same maneuver yourself--maybe telling a persistent sales person at a clothing store you were just looking or a person trying to tell you something on the street that you were too busy to talk.

In insurance marketing, learning how to understand when a customer is using those tactics--and finding out what they really mean by reading his or her non-verbal cues--can help you steer the conversation to your and the customer's advantage. And it shouldn't be too hard. Everyone is equipped with the basic tools needed to perceive what people are saying through what they're not saying.

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