Dos and Don'ts for Following Up

One of the biggest requirements for turning leads into sales is following up with customers. But, like most other practices in your agency, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it.

DO: Deliver value on each call.

Calling just to check-in or to make sure they got your last call or email is a bad idea. Not only are these calls irritating, they do nothing to build a relationship with the customer. You need to have a compelling reason for the call, such as an important update about their quote, something you forgot to mention before, or a great success story from another client you feel applies to them.

DON'T: Make your follow-ups too long.
Keep a client on the phone for too much time and you'll end up boring him or her. Pay close attention to what your client is saying and keep the conversation going.

DO: Create a bridge between your conversations.
It's crucial to take notes when talking to customers and to take a few seconds to review those notes before you call them for a follow up. Showing that you took the time to pay attention, take notes, and think about them is critical to building a long term relationship with a new customer.

DON'T: Rush the process.
If you rush them, it tells clients that you're not interested in anything but the sale. They'll put their guard up or give up on you entirely.

DO: Be patient.
There should be about three to four days between each follow-up call for about your first three calls. After that, wait a week between calls.

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