Customer Service After the Close

From the point of purchase forward it's up to you to continue to offer your client the best customer service you can, as well as make yourself available to answer any questions or concerns. It's up to you to use the momentum you gain from the close into gaining more customers and growing your book of business. Is the client you just sold a policy to obviously satisfied? Ask for a referral. Does he or she use social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook? Ask the client to look you up. Would they be interested in your e-mail newsletter? Get the client's e-mail address. The follow-through is just as important as the swing.

And, of course, you should always follow up with customers when x-dates come around. You don't want to lose a customer just because you forgot to ask him or her to renew. Remember that your customers -- people, not documents or checks -- are the real lifeblood of your business. Treat them well and they'll help your agency expand to the thriving business you want it to be.

Category: Sales Tips

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