“Stay Calm” Step 2 for closing like a pro

This is the second step from our interview with an agent who ranked among the top 20 agents for a Fortune 100 insurance
company nation wide, and in the top 5 for his region. How did he get a book of 2500 clients? By following a few simple steps on every call to ensure he was a maximizing his sales potential.

Step 2: Stay Calm

• It is important you remain calm during your conversation, even if you feel like you're losing the sale or the conversation has taken a turn for the worse. Remain relaxed and focused on the prize.

• Many times, our top agent said he thought he had lost the sale halfway into the conversation only to be delighted when he successfully closed at the end. A sale is never lost until the last second, so don't sell yourself short by giving up simply because you sense a little pushback.

• The average consumer you speak with is going to have questions, and the savvy consumer is going to have detailed questions. Dont let a question trip you up, this is a chance for you to show off your knowledge and further display the expertise they are looking for.

Your demeanor on the phone defines how a customer will think of you, they only have your voice to judge you by and if you falter when they ask a tough question it can make the deal go sour. Keep in mind that this person is in need of your services and be confident in your ability to display the value of them.

This is the second step in a series of 6
The 1st step “Appreciation”

Check back tomorrow for more steps, and download our PDF whitepaper “Expert tips: closing like a pro” for more helpful information on working internet leads.

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