“Remain Personable” step 3 for closing like a pro

We sourced expert tips from an agent who ranked among the top 20 agents for a Fortune 100 insurance company nation wide, and in the top 5 for his region. With a book of business that has surpassed 2500 and still growing, he has definitely crossed into “pro closer” territory and was kind enough to share his steps for closing a deal.

Step 3: Remain Personable

• If you are meeting with the customer personally, make sure to maintain eye contact and call them by their first name whenever possible. Make sure you are really listening to what they say. In fact, listening is one of the most powerful tools available to you. If you pay close attention, you will gain some excellent clues to help you close the sale. The customer will appreciate your

• Remember that on the phone your voice is the only way a consumer can “read” you, make sure you are smiling and that your enthusiasm is represented in your voice. If you aren’t solely focused on the conversation its just as bad as not looking at them if you were speaking face to face.

This is the third step in a series of 6
The 1st step “Appreciation”
The 2nd step “Stay Calm”

Check back tomorrow for more steps, and download our PDF whitepaper “Expert tips: closing like a pro” for more helpful information on working internet leads.

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