“It’s time to close the sale” Step 5 for closing like a pro

Step 5: It's Time To Close The Sale
You worked through all their comments and questions. You put their concerns at ease, and now you sense they are ready to make a decision. Don't make the all too common mistake of not asking for the business! Closing is more of an art than a science. You must take the customer through a series of specific statements and questions engineered to lead them to the close.

• Summarize the key advantages for the customer that you discovered during the course of the conversation. Remember, you are supposed to be keeping notes!

• Highlight the reasons why the insurance company and policy they selected are the right fit for them.

• Make a list ahead of time of the added benefits of each company you sell policies for. For example, you could say, “Oh, and did you know by choosing XYZ Insurance Company you also get free roadside assistance for one year?”

• Show the customer that it's within their budget, and tell them about the peace of mind they will have with the policy.

• Present your offer like it's the best they'll find. You can easily do this when you know what your competition offers in products and pricing. This information can be very useful in helping to persuade your client that your product is the right one. So do some market research and find out what your competitors are offering locally. However, never say anything disparaging about the competition. This is an immediate turn off for many customers.

• Don't rush the close. If they are ready to close, they give you certain cues. If the customer is not ready and you start becoming pushy, you can easily lose the sale, even if the conversation was going great up until that point.

• Recognize the cue (buying signal) that your customer is ready to commit. At first it may be difficult to read cues, but over time you will learn to recognize the telling conversation patterns, words, and body language. When you get the right clues, you have to move in for the close quickly.

• Some buying signals include:

“Do I have to come into your office to do this?”
“How long would it take to fill out the paperwork?”
“When will the policy go into effect?”
“How would I cancel my current policy?”
“Does it require a payment now to start?”
“How can I be sure this policy is right for me?”
“My last agent never picked up the phone, would I have that problem with you?”
“Are you sure this is the best price you can give me?”
“Can you go over the details one more time with me?”
“Let me make sure I understand, this includes ...” etc.

This is the 5th step in a series of 6
The 1st step “Appreciation”
The 2nd step “Stay Calm”
The 3rd step “Remain Personable”
The 4th step “Assess the Situation”

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