“End the Sale on an Upbeat Note If They Don't Close” Step 6 for closing like a pro

Step 6: End the Sale on an Upbeat Note If They Don't Close
If the customer does not buy a policy, never end the sale on a bad note. Sounding irritated or hanging up on them is a guaranteed way to never hear from the customer again. You never know if they will come back the next time they renew or how quickly word-of-mouth can spread around that you are not a friendly agent.

Things to keep in mind

• If they went for a lower price, your service and attention to detail could bring them back when other companies dont deliver

• Circumstances can change drastically, if a consumer gets a promotion, gets married, or buys a house they may want to review their policies again.

• You are still going to make yourself available to them in the future, this is the name of a person that you want on your direct mail list or email list. Getting upset because they chose someone else is only going to insure they wont be giving second thought to you whatsoever.

This is the 6th step in a series of 6
The 1st step “Appreciation”
The 2nd step “Stay Calm”
The 3rd step “Remain Personable”
The 4th step “Assess the Situation”
The 5th step “It’s time to close the sale”

Check back tomorrow for more steps, and download our PDF whitepaper “Expert tips: closing like a pro” for more helpful information on working internet leads.

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