Insurance marketing: 7 steps to make your customers feel appreciated

For success in insurance marketing, be sure to make your customer feel appreciated. Here are seven tips to building productive relationships:

  1. Be honest. Sounds simple, right? But that doesn't just mean you shouldn't tell outright lies. Though, of course, you shouldn't. You should avoid half-truths and embellishments, too. Overpromising your insurance agency's capabilities will always backfire. Simply be confident in the product you're selling and present it as it really is, with both the pros and the cons. You know you have a great product, so with proof of your excellent customer service, you won't need to tell the customer anything more than the truth.
  2. Don't just pretend to care. Your customers are smart. They can tell when someone is just feigning interest in their concerns and needs. If you don't seem to care about what the customer wants, that customer will simply find someone who does.
  3. Listen. When you prove to a customer that you've really been hearing what he or she is saying either by asking an insightful question or simply trying to incorporate all of the customer's needs into his or her policy, you'll prove you're the right agent.
  4. Remember it's not a game. Don't play your conversation like it is one. This is the customer's real life. To them, this isn't about winning or losing a sale. It's about financial and personal security.
  5. Be open. A real conversation shouldn't be one-sided. So open up to your clients and tell them about your own experiences to illustrate how you understand their specific situations. Maybe you could tell an anecdote about another similar client or about when you personally had to make a decision like the one you're making now. Talk about your family, your kids, your commute to work that morning. Disclosing your own personal experiences will lead your clients to open up, too.
  6. Prove that others trust you. You could do this through using testimonials from other satisfied customers or displaying credentials from a trade group.
  7. Prove that you trust yourself. If you don't show confidence in your product and yourself, your customer won't have any reason to be confident in you. So don't question yourself in front of the customer, don't stumble over your words and, as the old cliché goes, don't let them see you sweat.

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