5 More Tips for Effective Voicemails

Relax and be yourself. It's important that your message sound natural and smooth, not nervous, stumbling, or scripted.

Keep it short and sweet. Get all of the critical information in a short, clear, 25-second message (or even shorter, if you can manage it). Long messages are just begging to be skipped.

Don't make it easy for customers to ignore you. Forgetting to repeat your number, speaking too quickly, sounding uninterested, or saying that you will call again are all reasons the potential customer can use to ignore your message and not return the call.

Call at the right time. The best hours to leave a voicemail message are between 6:45 AM to 8 AM and from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. The consumer may then think of you as determined and won't be so quick to dismiss you.

Mix it up. Create several (about three to five) different and concise voicemail messages. Alternate among them so that you can use them repeatedly but still sound fresh.

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