4 More Tips For When a Customer Calls You

   Explain how you can help. Once the customer has given you the rundown of what they're looking for, they'll be expecting you to, just as quickly, let them know what you can offer them. It's important to be so familiar with your policies that you can spout off details and benefits on the fly.

   Relate to the customer. If possible, find something you have in common with the customer. Maybe you both grew up in the same town, or you drive the same type of car. Finding something in common will allow you to deepen your relationship with the customer and make them feel more comfortable around you.

   Make sure they understand the basics. The customer is calling you for a quote. Before you can provide one, you should make sure they understand what factors affected the price of the quote and how the type of insurance policy they seek works. That way the customer better understands what they would be paying for, and will be more inclined to close the sale.

   Tell the customer about your company. When providing customers with a quote, they should have an understanding of just what makes your insurance agency better than the rest. Make sure the customer knows what they can expect from you and the agency (i.e. great customer service, 24-hour assistance, easy claims process, etc).

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