3 Tips for When a Customer Calls You

If you get a phone call from a customer wanting to talk about a policy, you need to be ready for it. Here are some tips to avoid being caught off-guard:

Keep a notepad nearby. Nearly every customer contacting you for a quote will be an unexpected call. So keep a notepad and pen handy at all times (i.e. by the phone, at your desk). That way you will be able to jot down notes about the customer and their insurance needs, and will be able to use those for your follow-up call.

Be professional. A customer may call you anytime and anyplace seeking an insurance quote. Whether you're in the middle of a stressful assignment or taking a coffee break, you want to come across as ready to do business when a customer calls. If you can't achieve this, don't answer. You'll lose their business. Instead, call the customer when you are more collected.

Listen well. A customer calling you may or may not know exactly what they want or need regarding their insurance. Listen to what they have to say. Some will know exactly what they want; others may only have a very general idea. Respond to the needs they list, and anticipate ones they may not have thought of but may apply to them. Also, avoid cutting customers off while they are speaking. It sends the message that you don't respect
what they have to say, and you're also stopping them from saying something that may affect the entire sale.

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