3 Solutions to common objections from an internet lead

As a sales person you have already heard every reason in the book why someone isn’t willing to buy your product today, but when it comes to insurance leads the tenacity or sales tactics you have built up over a lifetime can sometimes fall apart. Remember from the blog post “Busting the myth of Insurance leads” that a lead represents a person shopping for insurance right now, it doesn’t mean the lead form is an application for your policy. The level of interest is higher than any other lead type but from the consumers stand point they want to be able to weigh their options and really give it some thought just like any other consumer you deal with on a daily basis. Here is a quick refresher on the best practices and responses when a consumer isn’t quite ready to sign the papers.

1. “I can't afford it” or “It's too expensive.”

All things aside, this statement is sometimes true. The customer honestly can't afford it. For nearly everyone else, you have not created the value. All the customer hears is the number and you have clearly not shown why you as an agent are valuable, why the policy you are selling is the perfect fit, and why the company selling it is a great company. Never sell on price. Always
change the argument to a value proposition. Some other techniques include reframing the objection. Ask if they would want the policy if the price were lower. Get them to say YES again. Ask if it's really about the money or if it's more the concern of making such an important decision or going through the trouble of switching. You must find out if it’s truly just the cost or if they really don't see any value in the policy.

2. “I need to think about it.”

This is an easy one to field. Ask what they are thinking about. Ask if they will tell you their concerns. Something was not clearly defined and they are not seeing the great value in the policy you are selling, so help them see it.

3. “I want to shop around some more.”

If you are an independent agent, remind the customer of that. Say that there is no need to shop around since you can provide multiple quotes from different companies. YOU are their shopping around. If you are a captive/exclusive agent, then you need to sell the idea of your agency. Tell them how your customer service is the best in town. Tell them you are always available if there is an incident. Sell the company brand, and provide a relevant story of another customer whose situation is similar to their own.

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