Questions to Ask When Looking for a Lead Management System

Not every lead management system is right for your specific agency or even the insurance industry. You should select the one you use based on your own needs. Here are some things you should ask when you're trying to find the system that fits your agency.

Does the system generate its own e-mails to send to potential clients?

Is all the relevant information is in one, easy to access place?

Does the system track the sources and types of leads you're getting and their conversion rates?

Does the system include a workflow based on insurance industry practices?

Will the company that provides the system offers training for best practices?

What sort of support does the company offer?

Is the system is Web-based or require its own hardware?

How reliable is it?

Does the system provide full visibility of your lead history?

Does the formatting of the reports the system provides fit your needs?

Does the system integrate with the information sent by lead providers?

Not every lead management system is created equal, before you call take the time answer these questions yourself. Figure out what would be the ideal management system for you and then contact the company to compare their answers to yours.

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