Busting the myth of insurance leads

An insurance lead is an opportunity to expand your agency. It’sa real person who is interested in a new policy. However, there are some critical aspects you need to understand about what a lead is.

• Leads Are A Powerful Tool, But They Require Hard Work.
Leads are not a get-rich-quick scheme. Your business isn't going to explode by 1000% just from buying insurance leads. Leads require you to act fast and work the phones diligently. Those who put in the most time marketing them will see the significant gains leads can bring.

• Leads Don't Close Overnight.
Too often agents expect to close the majority of the leads they buy in the first week. This is unrealistic. Leads can sometimes take months to close. You have to be aggressive in your follow-up campaigns. Allow the person time to think it over if they must, but use that time to make follow up calls with new ideas, information, or offerings so they can see the value of having you as their agent.

• Internet Leads are a unique marketing opportunity, but its the same sales game.
Don't treat leads like any other marketing service or product you buy. Be aggressive and treat each one like the fresh opportunity it is. Be the first to call, be thorough with your follow-up calls and emails, and work the lead until you get a definitive answer from the consumer.

The leads provided by insuranceAgents.com are from consumers who went online and filled out an application for an insurance quote. They are a new person/household in your area looking to re-evaluate their policies. Too often agents will confuse an internet lead as a request to buy X amount of coverage and be done with it. Remember that these are the same consumers who walk into your office or give you a call with questions or concerns about insurance in general. You are always going to face the uphill battle of closing the deal, but the reason this type of marketing varies from direct mail, tv, billboards, post cards, etc. is the level of interest. By all means use your usual tactics of marketing that built your agency to the point it is now, you know how to make a sale or you wouldn’t have made it this far. What makes an internet lead unique? Everyone is going to think about changing policies at some point, but these prospects are thinking about changing policies TODAY. Internet leads will notify you instantly when these prospects request information online and really focusing on these prospects will make your marketing more effective.

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