5 Great Reasons to Get a Lead Management System

Buying an appropriate number of leads every month can be a little overwhelming. How can an agent keep up with all the information for dozens of leads and be expected to make calls, close sales and run his or her agency?

It can be tough. That's why it's a good idea to invest in a lead management system -- a software program or a web-based tool that manages and organizes your leads so you won't have to spend your time entering that data manually into a spreadsheet.

Not convinced? Here's five other reasons a lead management system would be good for your agency:

1) It puts the leads right in front of you.

As we've mentioned in previous posts on this blog (6 Proven Lead Dialing Strategies), one of the most important things you can do when you buy Internet leads is to be the first agent to make contact with the customer. A lead management system can facilitate that by giving you the lead's contact information through a control panel as soon as your lead provider delivers it.

2) It automates contact.

Speaking of making contact first, many lead management systems can send automated e-mails to potential clients just to let them know about you, your agency and that you'll be giving them a call. It'll put your name out there first. Your lead management system can also send automated follow-up messages to clients you've already spoken with.

3) It keeps your information organized.

Say you need to look up the notes you took last time you spoke to a specific customer. You could page through a notebook looking for the information or you could quickly look up the customer in your lead management system and find the notes you saved there.

4) It saves money.

Rather than having to hire staff to keep up with all your leads and their information, your lead management system can do the job a considerably less cost.

5) It keeps up with progress.

Rather than having to spend time catching up with where you and a customer left off, the lead management system you use should let you know automatically where you and the customer were when you last talked. It can also keep track of customers x-dates so you can let them know when to renew.

Insuranceagents.com is integrated with all the major lead management systems in order to maximize the profit from purchasing our leads.

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