“No one wants to connect with an insurance agency on facebook”

I recently fielded a question in our linkedin group that I thought was good enough to be a blog (there wont be any more horn tooting in the remainder of this blog :))

The comment was “I find that Facebook users really want that site for social networking. I think they almost out of hand reject commercial issues on Facebook.”

While I do agree that people don’t want to have their feed updated with

“call me to buy insurance today”

“I can save you money on insurance”

This article shows that 33% of Facebook users and 51% of twitter users are connecting with companies (I hope that number is making you think twice about not being on twitter.)

There are plenty of agents who have fans on facebook, and the key is to not over sell. Facebook isn’t a place to outright generate leads, its a place to let yourself be known and create awareness for your agency. When they do have a question or thoughts of changing policies you are in an arena that they visit daily. The updates you provide cost no money but have the same effect of a consumer passing a billboard that you would pay big money for. You will be in their mind as an agency who is invested in relating to them in the way they relate to their closest friends and the message you can deliver is dynamic.

Your fan page on Facebook should be active in your community. You need to be sharing community updates and helpful info that is valuable to a customer. Let people know about local festivals, local businesses that you frequent and keep it as personal as they do with their own social networking feeds. Share trivia, office staff info, and your own hobbies.  Its the best way to break down the sales person image and reach a large amount of people while doing so.

I personally don’t care to have insurance agents updating me every single day with sales pitches or blanket fluff messages about “being on my side” but if there is a 26 year old unmarried male like myself who an agent was able to help in a way specific to my needs I would be interested in hearing about it. If there is going to be a change in writing guidelines that will be affecting a large amount of your customers I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having that info delivered to them via facebook. When major weather events occur in an area successful agents are sharing their claim line numbers so people wont have to search for the information. All of these examples relate to your product and services and there is real value to them. Its a way to further display your commitment to service and your clients.

Your success will be determined by the value and personality that you can provide. We all know as salespeople that they are buying us, and if you can get that same feeling you did to get your clients in the first place to come across through the social media networks you will see the same results.

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