The Basics of Body Language and Why You Need To Know

Non-verbal communication is more apart of your daily life than verbal communication, what you say with your body has more impact than what you say. And the body never lies, it's easy to say things you don't mean but it's harder to hide non-verbal cues. Being aware of non-verbal cues gives you the opportunity to recognize whether your customer is happy with an offer you give them. Body language is also a way to make your customers feel at ease around you and could potentially increase your sales.

Positive non-verbal cues include eye contact and smiling. When someone makes eye contact it not only shows that they are listening to what you are saying but that they are interested as well. An uninterested, untrusting person will have a hard time to keep eye contact with you for a long period of time. Body movement is important to watch out for as well. When a customer leans in to better hear you or is sitting with open arms, they are interested in what you are saying and open to communication with you. Negative non-verbal cues when it comes to body movement include constant moving and fidgeting, shaking legs and/or crossed arms. Constantly moving usually means the customer is not interested but does not want to be rude to you. Shaking legs is something people do when they are anxious or nervous and crossed arms show uncomfortable and closed off feelings towards you.

Reading your customers body language is really important when it comes to doing business. Being able to read body language will also improve your social and communication skills that lead to long-term relationships with your clients. To learn more about ways to help your business, visit our Agent Learning Center for more articles and downloadable PDF's.

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