12 Common Objections #12: “I'm Overwhelmed with Options”

Put yourself in a customer's shoes. They fill out a form online and all of a sudden they've gotten five phone calls from insurance agents looking to sell them something. How can you tell them apart? What if you choose the wrong one?

As the agent, you should let the customer know you can relate to what it feels like to get information overload. Tell him or her how frustrating it can be when there are so many options and no one to trust to help walk through them. You need to connect on a personal level and tell the customer you can be the person to help him or her through the process.

Start off by trying to get the customer to list his or her goals and worries in as simple a way as possible. Get them to throw out a few really quick ideas about what they want to accomplish with the policy. Does the customer want to protect his or her health, family, home, car, something else? Narrow it down to the core concerns.

Next let them know you will be laying out some basic options about what you have in mind for him or her. Nothing too specific, try to be very general. Ask the customer which one sounds like what they are looking for and only then do you start to explain that policy in more detail.

Let the customer know you're someone who can be trusted by using customer testimonials, awards, association memberships and online reviews.

Lastly, make sure you establish why you are a different than most agents and what makes your agency the right choice. You probably have some great little pitch about why your agency is special; this is the time to use it.

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