12 Common Objections #2: “I Need To Think It Over”

   It's understandable that sometimes clients will get cold feet after sitting in an office for a while or hearing a presentation over the phone. Maybe he or she is having doubts about just what the policy will do in his or her life or maybe it's just dawning on the customer that this is going to cost some money.

   But you can't know and you can't help the client unless you ask what he or she needs to think about. Act as a facilitator and offer to talk him or her through the process of thinking over those doubts. You'll do a lot more good for the client than he or she would do mulling it over alone at home.

   It's obvious that this decision is very important to them; which is why they need to think it over. Show your concern for their well-being and how important this is for them. You will find they will be much more open to continuing the conversation.

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