12 Common Objections #3: “I want to shop around.”

   Odds are you'll definitely hear this, especially if you're the first agent a customer talks to in his or her search for insurance.

   Ask if there is anything other than shopping around that is keeping them from moving ahead with the new policy. Ask what it is they want to compare and what differences they are hoping to find. Is it simply a matter of price or coverage? Narrow down what the real cause is. Maybe they are just feeling anxious and don't want to commit to the decision at that moment.

   If you are an independent agent, remind the customer of that. Say that there is no need to shop around since you can provide multiple quotes from different companies. YOU are their shopping around.

   If you are a captive/exclusive agent, then you need to sell the idea of your agency. Tell them how your customer service is the best in town. Tell them you are always available if there is an incident. Sell the company brand, and provide a relevant story of another customer whose situation is similar to their own.

   Also, if you are captive, tell them it's perfectly natural to want to shop around. People tend to feel nervous about committing to the first offer that comes along. Tell them about how you don't like being pressured either and you understand their desire to see some more policies. Tell them you will be sending them some information in the mail, email, and that you will give them a follow-up call sometime in the future.

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