12 Common Objections #5: “I'll Stick With My Current Provider”

There's a reason why the customer came into your office, didn't hang up on you when you called or went looking for leads online. He or she had some sort of issue with his or her current policy and wanted to look into getting it resolved. So when that customer says he or she wants to stick with an existing policy, the question is why they wanted to change in the first place.

Ask the customer what they like about their current insurance agent/company. Get all the reasons why they like their current company and take notes. Ask if there is anything they would want to change about their current company if they could. Compare those to your company and see if you can't offer them more coverage or a better price without getting into badmouthing the customer's current provider.

Also, ask when the last time the customer shopped around was. Tell them they should compare rates and policies and see if they are overpaying or underinsured. If they say they have been with a company for 10+ years, then really stress how important it is to compare rates and do a policy review for them. Rates are changing all the time.

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