12 Common Objections #10: “I'm Just Not Interested, I Don't Need a New Policy”

Despite the fact that the customer was interested enough to talk to you and maybe even shop for insurance online, there's a chance he or she will tell you this once you've gotten through your presentation. In most cases, this means the customer doesn't see how your policy offers more value than the one he or she has, based on what you've shown him or her.

One way to deal with it is to offer to change the policy around to make it more enticing to the customer. You could lower the deductible or change the coverage until you hit the sweet spot where the perceived value and price match up.

A fun technique for this objection is to ask a really specific question that the customer might not know the answer to off the top of his or her head: “Does your policy have (really specific feature)?” A lot of the time you will find the customer says, “I'm not sure what that is.” or “What does that mean?” The key is to get your foot in the door and get them to continue to keep talking. If they don't want to keep talking you can at least try to setup a follow-up call or an appointment later.

If the customer is totally uninterested and currently has a policy, you could also tell him or her it's a great time for a policy review. Ask if they will go over some of the details of their policy with you so you can help them find any potential problems with their existing policy. Maybe there is something really important missing and there is a big gap in their coverage. Help them find it.

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