12 Common Objections #6: “I've Never Heard of You”

So what if a customer says he or she isn't sure about you as an agent because he or she has never heard your name before and you're not from his or her local area?

It means you have to work to build up the customer's trust in you.

The consumer doesn't trust you because they don't know anything about you, your agency, and what great products you provide. Use references, use testimonials, and use referrals to gain their trust. If you are listed in a local Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, or Chamber of Commerce let them know. If there are good reviews of your agency on Yelp or Yahoo! Local, show the customer those. You could also mention trade associations like Trusted Choice, PIA, or NAIFA.

Make a flyer that has testimonials from local customers who got great service. Show the customer that you can be trusted, and you'll likely move forward.

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