12 Common Objections #8: “I Don't Need Insurance”

   Sometimes you'll come across a customer, especially younger ones who have maybe never been in a bad accident or had something catastrophic happen in their lives, who tells you that insurance isn't worth the cost and that he or she will probably never need it.

   Before you jump in with the reasons why it is a good idea, get him or her explain why they feel it's not necessary. Let them talk without interruption so they have the chance lay out all the various reasons they have. Then based on everything you heard raise concerns that are valid to them.

   Then ask the customer picture what it would be like to have a major loss. Put them in a difficult mental scenario and get them thinking about how big the loss would be. Ask, “If you had a loss like that, how would you end up paying for it?” Tell the customer that the policies you sell can keep him or her from having to start over from scratch. Bring up war stories of really terrible insurance claims that you have seen yourself or that you know of. Make sure they are true stories and verifiable; never make anything up.

   Also, stress no one thinks insurance is a necessity until they actually need it. People typically wait until it's too late to start thinking about getting the coverage they need.

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