12 Common Objections #7: “I Hear Bad Things About Insurance Companies”

There has been some bad press for insurance companies over the past several years in the news. And it's led some people to doubt the industry as a whole. For others, bad experiences for family and friends have raised suspicions.

If one of your customers raises those doubts, ask what he or she has heard. Ask if the customer had a bad experience with that company or know someone who has. Is it something they simply heard or did they verify it? Ask them specifically why they feel that way.

Isolate what the real problem is by repeating back their objection and asking if there was anything else that bothered them as well. If they run out of things to list, then you have narrowed down what their real objection is and you can start to work with it. If it's a fear of the industry in general, explain that yes, bad apples do exist in the industry and that doesn't mean that all agents are bad and the entire industry is bad. As we mentioned before, use testimonials and memberships in associations to show your trustworthiness.

Show the customer that you won't steer them wrong, and that customer will stick with you.

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