12 Common Objections #4: “I Need More Information”

Say you've just given a client your full sales presentation only to hear him or her say, “I'm not convinced. Could you e-mail me some more information before I make my decision?”

There's a chance this is simply a client's way of getting out of the room as soon as possible. After all, you're right there in front of him or her. And if you've prepared for the meeting, you're probably bursting with useful information.

So if a client says something like that, ask what it is he or she really wants to know. Offer to give the client the information right then and there. If what the client is really looking for is clarification on a topic or for you to answer a question, don't wait until you send him or her an e-mail later! Answer it right there! Make it clear! And always make sure he or she understands the value of what you're selling.

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